IC-B-HWX40D494 LED Strips (Set of 10)


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7 in stock

  • Part Type: LED Strips
  • Part Number: IC-BHWX40D494
  • Part Usage: LED/LCD
  • Board Number(s): IC-BHWX40D494R, IC-BHWX40D494L, F100M7R(P39)F-N04
  • Brands: Vizio
  • Important Message: PLEASE make sure the LED panel in your TV matches the information in this listing before ordering. DO NOT simply order by model number, as this may result in receiving LED strips that are incompatible with your TV. These strips are confirmed to work in Vizio model E40X-C2 with serial number beginning with LWZ9SFBR.
  • 10 Strips
  • TV Part Types: LED Light Strip
  • TV Models:
  • Vizio
  • E40X-C2 LWZ9SFBR
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